Zimbabwe’s 40th Independence Anniversary

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As part of efforts to promote Tourism, the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry together with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority met ZTOURZ to map out a strategy to promote the movement of Zimbabweans in the United States of America to come home and celebrate Zimbabwe’s 40th Independence Anniversary next year.

ZTOURZ was accompanied by the December 12th Movement led by its Chairperson Ms Viola Plummer.

ZTOURZ will organise trips from the United States of America to Zimbabwe in April 2020 to highlight the beauty of the country and its cultural heritage.

ZTOURZ will also facilitate event planning and logistical support services for Zimbabwean businesses planning events in New York by identifying and securing locations for the events, sourcing local suppliers and providing on-site coordination.

Similar 40th Independence Anniversary homecoming initiatives are being pursued in other countries like South Africa and the United Kingdom where ZimThrive is spearheading the initiatives.

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