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Lupane was one of the 10th National Clean-up anniversary highlights as the Provincial capital and the link town to the country’s major tourist destination of Victoria Falls.

On October 4, 2019 Her Excellency The First Lady
of the Republic of Zimbabwe Amai A Mnangagwa who is also the Patron of Environment officiated the clean up programme at St.Lukes Hospital in Lupane.

The First Lady has encouraged Zimbabweans to maintain a clean environment to prevent water-borne diseases during the coming rainy season.She said it was important for the country to restore sanity in urban and rural areas to prevent diseases.

“With the rainy season fast approaching, let us clear all waste dumps and storm drains to prevent clogging of drains,lest we promote breeding of vectors that causes diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid,”said the First Lady.

The Patron of Environment also urged the country to enhance the beauty of the environment by also ensuring that as people clean up their surrounding areas, also create green parks by planting trees,flowers,lawns at work places,residential areas and communities especially in those areas where waste dumps have been removed.To emphasize on this she planted an ornamental tree called the Casuanna Cunninghamian River Oak which is good for nitrogen fixing,soil stabilisation and land reclamation.

The First Lady also said that she was concerned about rampant littering along the highways.”It is worrisome that there is rampant littering on the highway from Bulawayo to Lupane.I am urging everyone to take it upon themselves to make sure that waste is disposed of properly. I want to urge the relevant Ministries and the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) to focus on the highways for the next clean-up exercise,” said the First Lady.

She urged local authorities to form synergies with churches, academic institutions and other organisations to ensure that waste management challenges are sustainably addressed.

The First Lady wound up the clean-up exercise by reminding people that littering and dumping are prosecutable offences. In this regard, she again appealed to Law enforcement agencies like Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) as well as Local Authorities to enforce their by-laws and ensure that litter bugs are prosecuted.

The clean-up campaign was also attended by Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs Minister Hon Richard Moyo,Director of Environment and Natural Resources Mr Edward Samuriwo,Senior Government and Kusile Rural District Council officials and the Lupane Community.

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