Subject to the Meteorological Act Chapter 13:21, the functions of the Department shall be to:
• Construct, establish, acquire, maintain and operate seismological and meteorological undertakings.
• Issue weather and climate forecasts, and advance warnings on weather conditions likely to endanger life and property.
• Collect, process, disseminate, control the quality of and archive national, regional and international data sets.
• Maintain a climatological database and provide a history of past weather and climatic conditions.
• Provide specific operational meteorological services to major users such as the aviation, agriculture, energy, defense, tourism and water resources industries.
• Provide and operate meteorological telecommunication systems in compliance with Resolution 40 of the World Meteorological Organization.
• Plan, implement, operate, maintain and repair surface and upper air meteorological observing networks.
• Sell by-products produced in the course of its operations.
• Train meteorological personnel.
• Carry out meteorological research and investigation.